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Stop Searching. Start Learning.

What our graduates think of us:

No waiting lists and the early chances for hands on experience make all the difference when learning.

Karen C.

I had a really great classroom, we all functioned well together and our instructors were amazing.

Jamie M.

Wow my dream job in only three days. Thanks to all who made this happen.

Dorthy H.

The Sprott Shaw Advantage

Since 1903, Sprott Shaw has offered programs that provide students with relevant skills for meaningful jobs in high-growth industries. 

Employment Support

Our Employment Services Specialists help our students with job placement assistance after graduation.

Lifetime Refreshers & Upgrading

Our graduates can return for refresher courses should they require skills upgrading in the area they trained in. 

16 Campuses Across B.C.

We have 16 government-designated campuses across BC, allowing our students to attend any location should they relocate. 

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Flexible Scheduling & Monthly Starts

Our monthly intake system means no waitlists, allowing our students to graduate and be job-ready sooner.

130+ Programs

With over 130 career-focused programs, our students will gain the skills to reach their full potential and accomplish their career goals. 

Most programs include courses that help students with skills for educational and personal success including financial literacy, career preparation, self-care, and more.

Career Success Strategies

Electrician Training & Apprenticeship Programs

An Electrician is designated as a Construction Electrician under the Inter-Provincial Red Seal program. Our SkilledTradesBC Approved Electrician program provides opportunities for Electrical Apprentices to gain employable lifetime skills and provides employers with a highly trained and experienced workforce. 

No SkilledTradesBC Sponsorship required for the Electrical Foundations program. Electrician Common Core Level 1, 2, 3, & 4 programs are also available.

Highlight the capabilities of your product and its features.

Eligibility to become 
Red Seal Certified

Over 2,700 new job openings expected in the next 10 years*

Specialized training in construction, industrial, and institutional applications

Average hourly salary of $27.50, with potential to 
make $43/hour and over*

No SkilledTradesBC Sponsorship required to start Electrical Foundations

SkilledTradesBC -approved program

*(All statistics provided are courtesy

Electrician Training Programs


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